Just press play and give it a dedicated listen, and you can literally hear Willie shed the confines of his former band.  In fact, the record is a progression of sounds that take the listener on a musical journey from tried-and-true stalwart sounds to new, uncharted territory.

-Jason Collier, Honesttune

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Willie writes a nice tune both musically and lyrically. For an artist that seems very capable with a guitar he never tries to show off, which I am sure he is more than capable of. It’s a nice change and shows a fair amount of maturity in a young artist. He seems more set on crafting a good song, and that will only be better for him in the long run.

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-Kevin Kozel, Muzik Reviews


Again and again, Willie manages to combine starry-eyed wonder with a little twinkle of knowing. There’s awe-filled moments of inspiration infused with those of appreciative self-reflection, and nothing helps more to unify the two than the production.

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A highlight of the artist’s vocal capabilities and his skillful yet soulful lyrical writing is through the catchiness of the choruses of his songs. Willie DE showcases his vocals with exquisite harmonies and acoustic numbers. Accompanying his voice is many acoustic riffs as well as flute whistles that help to capture the meaning behind the album as a whole.


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Willie DE is a breath of fresh air in the C-ville music scene. He’s got a voice all his own, soulful lyrics, a rocking new sound, and guitar chops like a seasoned pro. Definitely up and coming, he is someone to watch in the coming years.

– Koli Cutler, WTJU DJ


Willie DE is a young Virginia blues guitarist who demonstrates skills and abilities expected of more mature musicians. His mastery of the acoustic guitar reflects both finesse and sensitivity. In addition, Willie DE clearly demonstrates his ability as a song writer. His song, Hard Times a Rolling, conjures the laments of the bluesman and delivers it with a sophisticated guitar accompaniment. For such a young musician, he is off to a great start, and I expect him, as he matures, to be one watch out for.

-Professah Blues
WMRA’s Blues Valley


This amazing Singer/Songwriter sings with such a level of passion and intensity that one can see why his music is such a treat to listen to

Junior Cave’s Online Magazine
-Isaac Davis Junior, BGS, MBA


Charlottesville, Virginia has another up and coming superstar, and his name is Willie DE. When I relocated to C-Ville in the early 2000s, there was always this little shaggy haired kid with a small portable amp and red Gibson that would plug in at the east end of the downtown mall and simply shred. People would gawk, and I would frequently wonder where this guy would eventually end up, especially in a town that has such tremendous musical talent seeping out of every pore.

-Jason Collier