Summer in the air and the wildlife in Batesville gets bold:  black bears at the birdfeeder, raccoons in the hollow apple tree, a coyote crossing the dirt road, a fox running through the yard!  Thrilling to get glimpses of creatures usually hidden from sight.

Having graduated from college this past spring I’m emerging from the forest myself.  But I’ve been busy: recording my second solo album! I’ll be finishing up the last few songs in the next couple months and I’ve started to put some flourishes (guests artists) on many others.

I’m particularly excited about playing with the Willie DE band on July 18th at the Batesville Market in Batesville, VA.  In addition, I have a bunch of solo acoustic shows coming up.  Oh, and in the late Fall/early spring, I’m heading out on a short tour.

Thanks for your ongoing support!

More soon.