New Orleans

Summer 2015

Summer in the air and the wildlife in Batesville gets bold:  black bears at the birdfeeder, raccoons in the hollow apple tree, a coyote crossing the dirt road, a fox running through the yard!  Thrilling to get glimpses of creatures usually hidden from sight. Having graduated from college this past spring I’m emerging from the […]

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Willie DE Band at BON

The ornaments are boxed up and the cold front is making its way to us.  My band, Willie DE Band, is playing at BON in Charlottesville on February 6th with The Bobby Midnight Band. There will be dancing, singing, drinks, and a raucous good time.  Doors at 7pm and Show at 8pm with a $5 […]

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Song is in the Air!

Spring is here and song is in the air. Sitting outside singing alongside so many cool birds (Indigo Bunting, Summer Tanager, Goldfinches and those Red Bellied Woodpeckers). This guitar wielding bird is on his second solo album and will be playing a nest of shows this Spring and Summer. Check out the list and stay […]

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